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Proudly serving the community since 1981. We are a specialized music school and instrument store conveniently located at
1037 College Street West in Toronto. Just 2 blocks east of Dufferin Street.

At Academy of Music we’re open five days a week. We offer lessons Monday through Friday from 2pm until 9pm and Saturdays from 9am until 5pm.

Toronto Downtown Piano Store

Thirty years may seem like a long existence, but we think you’ll find our years of experience are immeasurable. We look forward to helping you enhance your playing skills and your love of music.

We’re not a fancy place, really. No bells. No whistles. Pianos, guitars, and just about any other instrument you’d like to learn to play. And play well. At Academy of Music we’re all about the music. Just music.

We’ve been building our outstanding reputation since 1981. Over thirty years of excellence supported by an incredible team of instructors and an even more impressive collection of students.


Downtown Toronto Piano Store

If you’re passionate about music, then the Academy of Music is for you! As Toronto’s top-rated music school and instrument store, we are dedicated to helping you foster your music skills. We not only have the best music instructors in Toronto but also have premium quality music instruments. Whether you’re passionate about guitar, piano, or violin, our professional music teachers can help you ‘fine-tune’ your musical skills. As your ultimate One-Stop shop for the best instruments and music lessons, we make sure you find the perfect solution to all your musical needs. If you’re a beginner, our experienced musicians can also guide you and your parents, as well as help you explore the genre that suits you best. From classical and jazz to rock and folk, we have musicians specializing in a variety of genres.

Academy of Music offers music lessons in Guitar, Keyboard, Drums, Vocal, Songwriting, and more. Our comprehensive music lessons will help you discover the joy of making music and gain lifelong skills. We also offer a wide range of musical instruments and help you pick the right one that suits your needs. All these musical instruments come with great features that help musicians in composing and performing. With over three decades of experience, we have become the best at what we do- MUSIC! Our guitar, piano, and violin instructors not only focus on teaching how to play the instrument but also help students understand the basics of music. We make sure that our students get to know the fundamentals of note reading, rhythm, and articulation.


Music School Toronto

We understand that you can never master the skills of playing any musical instrument without practice. Whether you’re a beginner, hobbyist, or professional, we have a wide range of pianos and guitars available. At the Academy of Music, we also offer used Yamaha pianos and Demo Models at the most reasonable prices. To help you buy the right instrument, our staff offers unbiased, expert advice that is truly best for your needs. So, feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff to find the perfect solution for your musical needs.

We offer much more than simply the right musical instruments for beginners and advanced-level players. Our music lessons are available for all ages and levels- from beginner to intermediate and advance. Our music teachers can also customize music lessons to suit the interest and ability of the student. We aim to help you learn your favorite musical style- be it classical, jazz, country, pop, funk bass, or blues. Our teachers have years of experience in teaching proper technique and introduce a variety of playing styles. We aim to provide a creative, collaborative, and supportive environment to anyone who has a passion for music. Our music instructors are masters in their field and committed to helping you find a career in music. Many of our music teachers and alumni have become renowned performers. Our music lessons are designed to help you understand chords, melodies, and rhythmic patterns that will make you a master in playing the instrument you lo

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