The World’s Most Costly Guitars You Knew Nothing About

The World’s Most Costly Guitars You Knew Nothing About

Most of the priciest guitars in the world are not the contemporary varieties but the vintage types that were usually played by famous guitarists of the yesteryears. Many of these guitars have specific stories behind them, and the main reason they are that expensive is that they are a little piece of history. Without much ado, here are the five of the most expensive guitars ever that you did not know about:

The 1964 Gibson ES-335 owned by Eric Clapton

Gibson ES-335

This guitar was originally purchased by Eric Clapton in 1964, and he played it all through his earlier career, including his time with the Cream and John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, and Yardbirds. He extraordinarily played this one instrument for over 30 years, and you can still hear its melodious sound on most of his famous recordings. This world famous guitar was actually sold at a Christie’s auction for more than ten times its original estimate.

The Washburn Series guitar owned by Bob Marley

This particular Washburn is one of the seven guitars ever used by Bob Marley. This makes it quite special. The instrument is so special that the Jamaican Government has declared it a “National Treasure” some few years ago. At one point the seller was offered $5 million for it.

The 1968 Fender Stratocaster owned and played Jimi Hendrix

This is the same guitar that Jimi Hendrix played during his world famous Woodstock gig. It included a maple fret-board, an Olympic white finish, and featured a larger headstock style. Because he was left-handed, the large than standard headstock make it possible for him to turn the guitar around. The instrument was made during the CBS era of Fender, making it even more valuable.

The Blackie Stratocaster owned by Eric Clapton

This is one of the rarest and most expensive guitars ever that it has its own Wikipedia page. Eric Clapton’s “Blackie” as he fondly called it is a black Stratocaster that he put together from components of three Stratocasters built in 1956 and 1957. The musician played his custom-made guitar until 1985 when a “Blackie” signature series was introduced in 1988. This particular instrument was sold for almost a million dollars. The instrument went to Crossroads center.

Reach out to Asia Fender Stratocaster

This instrument has a place of its own when it comes to the priciest guitars the world has ever seen. The instrument is not expensive because it has been owned and played by a world famous guitarist, but for another reason. In 20009, Bryan Adams and Fender auctioned this instrument that has been signed by numerous rock stars, including Brian may, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton.

Well there you have it, there are many other guitars that can be said to be extraordinarily expensive, but the above listed five top the list. A guitar such as the famous Fender Stratocaster that was first introduced into the market 60 years ago is still one of the most expensive instruments in the world. The guitar was invented by Leo Fender in and artists around the world still play this instrument today.

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