Guitars That Are Highly Coveted Today

Guitars That Are Highly Coveted Today

Playing musical instruments such as a guitar can be highly addictive. Many guitar enthusiasts are known to acquire what is commonly referred to as guitar acquisition syndromes (GAS).These people cannot stop purchasing guitars as they always need to acquire this one more special instrument that just came into the market, or to get another Feeder Stratocaster in candy apple red as this color is simply attractively beautiful. While an ordinary person doesn’t need to acquire these many guitars, to these people, it is a passion that will never end.

Like in all remarkable pastimes, there is nothing wrong with investing unreal amounts of money in it. That is why you will find some people amassing quite a huge amount of guitars during their lifetime. They love also to purchase and sell guitar components, and even presenting some of the guitars they have so far acquired in their guitar-life. But whichever your case, here are some guitars you would want to own in your lifetime.

ESP KH-2 Ouija

These are custom made guitars, making them a rare acquisition. They are modeled after an Ouija that was played by Kirk Hammett on stage, which had a mysterious Ouija board paintjob on it. Back then, there were about a 100 of them world-wide. The first fifty had rising moon inlays, while the remaining fifty had regular KH-2 skulls. Since these guitars are extremely rare, you will be lucky to find one. And if you do, make sure to hold onto it to eternity.

Richwood Stratocaster

Richwood Stratocaster

Most of the people know nothing about this guitar. It is a vintage series of guitars that really stood out for years in the past. For less than $300, you can get this great instrument from quality guitar shops in Toronto that deal in vintage as well as contemporary musical instruments. Although it is one of the cheapest vintage guitars, it is one of the best you could ever own.

Charvel SoCal Stratocaster

When Charvel SoCal released this marvel, they really knew what they were doing. These instruments are just awesome. They feature a great build, striking hardware and pickups, making them one of the best deals out there in the market. Their oiled necks also make them perfect to play.

Kramer American Pacer Guitars

These are awesome instruments to own. They feature different pickup combinations, genuine Floyd rose vibratos, great necks and are affordable at the same time. Moreover, they also come in an assortment of colors and builds to suit different playing requirements. If you are in the market looking for a perfect guitar, certainly give these a try.

Kramer Stagemaster

This guitar is a funky offspring of the 1980s. A typical predecessor of the current ESP Horizon series with a Floyd Rose system and neck-through construction, this is one guitar you definitely want to own. The guitar features an ebony fret-board, striking flip-flop bluish hue which changes from blue to red in the light and custom inlays. Honestly speaking, this is one of the best bargains you can ever hope to get since it offers magnificent features for low prices.

Yamaha RGX121FP

This is an amazing guitar to own and play. It comes with a Peavey Envoy 110 amplifier and a see-though plastic cover with a sheet of colored paper underneath. With this guitar, you can exchange the design to suit your playing conditions as often as you wish. Best of all, the guitar is quite affordable.

1974 Gibson Les Paul Standard

There are two reasons you might want to own this guitar. First, it is as rare as they come, making it a great collector’s instrument. They were only a few Standards back then, and most of them were Deluxes with Mini Humbuckers installed. The second reason you might want to own this guitar is that it has a great vibe to it and sounds extremely beautiful, in particular with the neck humbucker on.

Other guitars you might want to own include Fender Custom Shop 1956 Strat, Gibson Les Paul Pacific reef, Gibson Les Paul Custom White, Gibson Les Paul Custom Black, ESP Vintage Plus Stratocaster, ESP LTD EX400, ESPKH-2s, RAN Custom HiVision, Fender Custom Shop Dick Dale Stratocaster, and many more. If you are wondering, you can actually get these guitars and more in a reputable guitar store in downtown Toronto.

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