Academy of Music
Teaching to National Music Education Standards
And Serving the Community since 1981


At Academy of Music the list of awards received by both students and instructors is so extensive, we could never fit them all on this page. So call, or come in and ask us. We especially like talking about all of the recognition we’ve received over the years.


“Before beginning my instruction at Academy of Music, all I knew was that I wanted to play guitar. My instructor has not only taught me to play, but I have learned the theory behind the music. Now I dont just like guitar. I love it.”student

“When I first came to Academy of Music they talked to me about my likes, interests and even my personality. Then they paired me with the instructor they thought would be best for me. I really think it made a big difference in my progress.” – student

“There is nothing more relaxing (and rewarding) than playing an instrument and playing it well.” — student

“Music can be so much fun!” — student

Our Rates

We think you’ll find our rates are very competitive to those of other Toronto music schools.

Contact one of our friendly staff to inquire about the cost of lessons.

Our Schedule

At Academy of Music we’re open five days a week..

We offer lessons Monday through Friday from 2pm until 9pm and Saturdays from 9am until 5pm.

Hearing from you is always music to our ears.

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